Come and Try Scuba!

If you never tried scuba before, a Come-and-Try-It try dive session with Birmingham 25 will undoubtedly be a memorable experience when, in the safe environment of the swimming pool, you take your first underwater breaths.

You might be thinking of learning to scuba dive as hobby, or want to try it out before a holiday, or even just want to try something different ... but whatever your motivation, a Come-and-Try-It is the ideal way to have a go.

What does it involve?

Divers enjoying a Birmingham 25 Come-and-Try-Scuba sessionThe session will be led by a instructor, with a maximum of two participants per instructor in the water, so you will be well looked after.

After a short introductory presentation, your instructor will explain how the scuba unit works, brief you on the very simple safety rules for using scuba, and then lead you into the water.

You will progress in small steps at a rate comfortable to your personal level of confidence, but by the end of the session, we aim to get you swimming around underwater, and perhaps introduce you to one or two of the skills that form the basis of all diver training programmes.

After the session we invite you to join us for a drink at our social gathering where, if you are interested, we can explain more about us and about learning to scuba dive. There is no obligation, but we hope that if you choose to pursue the sport further, you will choose to train and dive with Birmingham 25.

Who can try scuba?

Anyone over the age of twelve can participate, but you must be able to swim. Those under eighteen must be accompanied to the session (although not necessarily into the water!) by a parent or guardian.

There are a limited number of medical conditions which are incompatible with safe scuba diving, so you will be required to sign a disclaimer form.

When and where?

Come-and-Try-It try dive sessions are held at our Monday evening pool sessions at Stechford Cascades in Birmingham between 8.15pm and 10pm.

How much does it cost?

There is a charge of £10 per person, which covers pool entry and use of all scuba equipment. The only items you will need to bring with you are those that you would normally take swimming. An old T-shirt worn over your swimming gear can make wearing the scuba kit more comfortable. If you do have your own mask or fins, perhaps from a snorkelling holiday, you may prefer to use these.

How do I book?

To arrange a Come-and-Try-It try dive or to find out more information, please contact us or come along to our pool session, and ask to speak to our new member Liaison Officer or other Committee member.

A Come-and-Try-It may be available if you just turn up a Monday evening, but instructor and equipment availability can be guaranteed if you are able to make prior arrangements.


Contact Details

Find us on Monday evenings from 8.45pm at:

Stechford Cascades Leisure Centre

Station Road



B33 8QN

Tel: 07970 749486

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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